With the rise and popularity of the Internet and social media, a lot of businesses have turned to the convenience and speed of online marketing. This doesnt mean you cant be old school. These traditional, offline marketing strategies are still effective even in this day ruled by the Internet.

Offline marketing means exactly that marketing and selling that makes use of print and other materials that dont rely on the World Wide Web. Other marketing materials include flyers, brochures, business cards, pamphlets, posters, and billboards.

There are three main types of offline marketing. The direct mail marketing, or snail mail, is commonly used once you know your demographic or your loyal customers. This is an offshoot of direct marketing, which not only allows you to send mail to clients, but to also contact them on the telephone.

You can send brochures, postcards, sales letters, catalogs, and newsletters through direct mail. In fact, most big companies believe that direct mail is profitable and effective. The good thing about direct mail is that it allows you to communicate with your market one-on-one.

You can control who receives the materials, when youre going to send them, what bonus materials you add, and how many people will receive them. Many business people include stickers or order forms that you can use if you want to make extra purchases, or if you want to receive similar offers in the future.

Discount pricing, on the other hand, is handing out coupons in your business cards, brochures, flyers, or newsletters. These coupons can be referenced to your website, where clients will be instructed what to do next. You can offer to give discounts when clients choose to purchase in bulk.

If youre offering a new product or service, you may also give discounts to the first 20 customers. In effect, youre spreading the word about your product. You can also offer a costly product but with a bonus material, so that clients wont feel the heavy burden in their pockets.

Lastly, loyalty programs build on customer relationships. They give special discounts to loyal customers so the latter will keep coming back. Others give gifts and cash certificates to their loyal clients at a special time, i.e. Christmas and Thanksgiving.

The freebies, however, may not just be cash or premium items. They can also be free food and drinks. It depends on what complements your product and service, and what your demographic would most likely prefer.

Each type of offline marketing has its advantages and disadvantages. No type is perfect. You can combine different types of offline marketing methods to see what works best for your company and your clients.

You can also combine offline marketing strategies with online strategies. Theres no cut-and-dried rule about not merging traditional ways of marketing with new ones. Whether you choose direct mail, discount pricing, or loyalty programs, make sure they reflect your companys visions and brand.