The Tecademics Entrepreneur Club is the entry level online marketing course offered by Tecademics, the Internet Marketing College created by Chris Record.
The cost to join is $100 per month or discounted to $1,000 per year and it offers excellent value. Entrepreneurs Club is targeted at new online marketers looking to learn the basics of online marketing.

It is an online only course that runs 5 days a week currently. New content is uploaded weekly and each day is dedicated to one subject. So, the five subjects currently are:

1. Mindset Mastery presented by Peter Sorensen who is an expert in sales, social media, training and public speaking. He is also the Vice President of Sales for Tecademics. Peter teaches how to develop the right mindset to become successful in your business.

2. Entrepreneur TV hosted by Chris Record himself where Chris interviews top internet marketers from different sectors of online marketing and making money online. Each interview provides great training and insights as you witness Chris extracting gold nuggets that can make all the difference in your marketing career.

3. Book of the Week hosted by Phillip Lechter, highly respected business executive and coach as well as an international speaker. Phillip reviews a new book every week and looks at the impact they have on our lives as individuals and online entrepreneurs. He highlights the core lessons and nuggets that can make a difference in your online marketing contained within each book. A book reviewed here is a book worth reading!

4. Leadership Academy hosted by Michael Hamburger, Chief Sales Officer at Tecademics who is a highly respected and successful industry expert. Each week Michael interviews top leaders in our industry to find out what makes them successful as leaders and how students can mimic what they do.

5. Women’s Empowerment presented by Tracy Vlahos who is a respected executive and sales strategist as well as being a cerified Holistic Health Practitioner. Tracy looks at how women can build their online business while also coping with their daily responsibilities as mother, wife and possibly a full time job. Tracey looks to inspire women to become successful entrepreneurs and creating a structure and mindset in their daily lives to achieve their goals.

The bonus for Entrepreneurs Club members is exclusive access to the Entrepreneur Vault where they can access a library of strategy based training from top marketers worth thousands of dollars.