If you have been reading a lot of articles related to successful Search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, you will nearly find the importance of content in all of them. Simply because CONTENT IS KING. A successful SEO strategy relies heavily on the quality of the content which is offered to visitors, regarding their specific search (Keywords). It is a very important factor in your rankings in search engine result pages (SERP) optimization company.

Without wasting more time on the importance of content, lets get down to some helpful tips which will assist you while creating your content.

Finding the right audience(KEYWORDS)

Keywords are the search queries which people use to find their specific type of information/product/services etc. You need to know and highlight those keywords in your content which is related to your products and services, to attract relevant audience.

Highlighting the keywords in your content sends a signal to search engines that your content is relevant to the users query. So your content should be optimized to highlight your keywords effectively. It should not be overdone, rather look natural. Stuffing your content with keywords can have a negative effect on your ranking.

Your content should be for humans

If you are adding up redundant content and highlighting your keywords in it, so search engines can notice you, than you might be wasting your time. While the keywords count do matter when finding relevancy but the quality of your content matters a lot for it to rank higher in SERP. Quality and updated content is the key to rank better than your competitors on search engines.

At the same time optimize your content so it is easily readable and understandable. You might be a PHD in your field but your audience could be beginners. So make sure your content is easily digestible.

Properly researched and based on facts

We all know not everything on the internet is true, so its important your content should be backed up with proper research and well established facts so your audience can trust and rely on it. Back your content with facts, surveys, etc., it will help in gaining the trust of your audience.

Using Visuals:

Apart from making your content more attractive, visuals can be used so your audience has better understanding of the topic. You can create visuals which summarize the whole topic, so it is easily understandable to audience.

A research conducted by Skyword shows that, articles with relevant images have 94% more views than the ones without images.

Make sure your audience leaves with more knowledge

While highlighting your products and services in your content is important for your business, but that should not be the only motive of your pages content. Always add some content which you feel will increase the knowledge of your visitors. This will make them realize that your company is not running after profit only but also care about its audience. This will help your brand gain more reputation and respect.


The key to successful optimization of your content is that it should aim towards providing the best experience to your visitors. If your visitor is happy, Google is happy.