As the search engine algorithm changes, we need to look at the SEO checklist 2017 and beyond. Its a good practice to constantly check against the new algorithm that Google updates can bring. If not done, this can potentially put your website into Googles penalty.

So, what are the latest SEO items you need to include in your SEO checklist? From expert SEO consultant, who is familiar with the changes in search engine, freshness is everything.

Of course, the usual activities like on-page SEO is still important. What is more important after on-page optimization is the backlink and content that is added to your website. In the past, backlinks increase site authority and page authority, by the number of links to the web page. However, todays SEO, we need to increase the fresh links continuously than just having backlinks alone. Let me explain in more details.

Lots of website get ranked because of the numbers of backlink against competition. It is like a war of numbers. However, Google sees this tactic and decided on quality and freshness as part of the algorithm for search engine ranking. What it means, is the higher the number of fresh links that go to your website, the better your score on off-page optimization it is. Bear in mind, when I speak about backlinks, its always about high-quality backlink from authority website. High-quality site will usually have high domain, high trust flow and page authority.

Is article sites still important? The answer is still yes, as those high article sites are still quite authoritative sites. However, as they are not niche specific, it does not carry as much authority to your website as those from relevant niche authority website. Therefore, you should always do more niche specific guest post from website that is relevant to your website.

For local SEO, you should still have local directories that is of good reputation link to your website. Such kind of directory like Yellow Pages directory and other reputable local directory site that is country specific will help you increase your local citation. You should also have a Google business listing and Google map listing to increase your presence on local search. Create a webmaster account and business profile in Google will allow you to do these.

Social media and blogging in your website is still important. As you continue to increase high-quality backlinks to your website, you should continue to write good articles within your website and share them on the social media pages. This articles that has other related key phrases if internally linked well, will increase the score of the web page you want to rank.

In all the above, freshness is important. So, do as much high-quality and great engaging article and backlinks as regularly as you can.