Different businesses have different ways of marketing their brands. Using printed materials is a great way to do it. These materials are cheap, have better customer staying power, and can be accessed even without the Internet.

Below are seven printed materials for marketing that you can use, depending on your business:

1. Bookmarks – A bookmark is a creative way of promoting your brand, especially if your target customers are avid readers. This marketing piece is often distributed during book sales and other trade fairs, and may contain the company name and logo together with a new or bestselling product.

2. CD and DVD Sleeves – For the music market, you can invest in smartly-designed CD and DVD sleeves. While the name and image of the artist should ideally be highlighted in the design, you can still include your business name and logo at the back so that both customers and potential partners or artists can see them.

3. Door Hangers – Door hangers are perfect offline marketing tools if youre in the hotel and restaurant business. Simply print your company name and logo prominently either at the top or bottom of the hanger, and add one of your food recommendations or promoted hotel services so that your clients will easily know about them.

4. Hang Tags – A hang tag is a standard add-on to apparel and accessories. Some tags simply have the brand logo printed on one side, while some have more elaborate designs on it. However, clothes are not the only products that can use a hang tag. Other businesses, such as sports equipment companies and automobile supply firms, can also benefit from using hang tags to market their brand.

5. Magnets – Magnets are very popular offline marketing tools these days. Tourists buy them during trips, and companies distribute them during product fairs. Its a great way to market your brand because consumers will almost always see it when they go to the kitchen to prepare meals. So whether your brand is food related or not, investing in magnets is the way to go.

6. Mommy Cards – Are mothers your primary target market? Consider investing in bright and colorful mommy cards. This marketing tool is not as popular as others, but its a great way to introduce your products to old and new mothers and their families. Just leave enough space for the important information, including the mommys name, contact details, and their childs information.

7. Table Tents – Many restaurants use table tents to promote their latest dish or dessert, or their promo for the month. Aside from advertising your dishes, use table tents to engage your diners and encourage them to visit your website or social media page.

These are just some of the unique printed materials for marketing that you can invest on for specific businesses. Do not be afraid to experiment on other types and see what works best for your brand. And make sure to look for a dependable commercial printer who can supply you with your requirements at the best deal possible.