Its not hard to look for offline marketing techniques. Theyre all over the internet. The question is, which of them will do your business good? Consider the strategies below, but be careful when choosing, because the wrong choice may only be a waste of time and money.

Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing is best for people who are open to doing marketing in unconventional ways. If you are this type of business person, then you can forget online marketing for a while and focus on guerilla-offline strategies for a change. Here are some ideas under this category.

Sticky notes. Carry them everywhere, and every time you have a chance, just stick a note. This is good for people who love hanging out in coffee shops and bars.

Chalk. Take advantage of peoples tendency to read messages written in unusual ways like notes written on a sidewalk with the use of chalk.

Branded promotional items. Go to the bank to withdraw money. Take it also as an opportunity to leave behind a pen or a magnet with your brand on it.

Business Cards

Leaving behind a business card accidentally or intentionally is something thats commonly practiced by businesses. Take your cards everywhere you go, and be aggressive in distributing them. Here are some ideal places for them.

Eating at a restaurant? Put one of the cards on the tip plate.

Bulletin boards.

Take some time reading books in public libraries. Insert your cards in books that are related to your business.

When attending business events, talk to co-attendees and introduce your products to them. It doesnt matter whether they show interest or not. Just give them one of your cards.

Direct Mail Marketing

This method can be one of the most effective offline strategies that you can use, provided that you know how to maximize its potentials. Advantages include:

The strategy is highly-targeted.

You can be personal with your message, most especially if you have a few specific names that you want to target.

Direct mail campaigns are highly measurable, according to the US national post office.

Its cost-effective. You can print by bulk, or in small quantities, depending on the purpose. If the goal is to test the effectiveness of a direct-mail advertisement, mail out brochures or letters in small quantities first.

Building Visibility

You cant make people know you or your products if they cant be seen. Make your employees help out, but you as the owner of the business must be visible yourself.

Attend business events.

Prepare content that you can use when speaking at business gatherings. This will help you create the impression that youre an authority in your niche.

There are other ways. Print shirts that carry your companys logo and make everyone in the company wear these shirts. Print extra shirts for giveaways and charitable events.

In addition, use promotional items featuring your logo and brand name. Coffee mugs, pens, and refrigerator magnets are some promotional items you can use for this purpose.