Digital marketing gives brands the opportunity to talk to their customers, one-on-one. Even if this is a good thing, it can become a hassle for brands to deal with customers, particularly those who are always posting angry comments, and who havent tried a product but cant stop themselves from saying something negative about the brand. Nevertheless, brands have to deal with such customers and that too, using digital marketing channels, where they have no excuse to not reply to a customer.

Not Forgetting The Customers

Marketers, at times, become so busy in promoting and posting content that they forget to reply their customers. They have to schedule posts, create more posts and then look for reaction of users for those posts. Marketers usually dont get the time to reply to customers, particularly those with good questions about their products.

Marketers need to manage their time better, and reply to customers who have positive or negative feedback about their products. They should also communicate with those customers who have genuine questions for the marketer; questions that they cant get an answer, with the available information on a brands website or social media account website here.

Replying To Emails

Email marketing is a method of digital marketing. When marketers inform a customer about a product through an email, then they should allow the customer to reply to that email as well. There are many brands that send their customers emails, but the address of the email says, no reply. If the customer cant reply to an email, then who is he supposed to ask a question from? Such emails, then change the source of questioning, from email to website. Even though that brings traffic to a website, it can be irritating or troublesome for customers to switch sources.

Hosting Live Events

Marketers should handle customers by giving them a chance to see inside the organizations culture. They should show them what happens behind the scenes. For example, they can make a live video, showing their employees working on packaging products, or going about their everyday duties. If the company is holding an event, like a product launch, then the marketer can show the live launch to customers and allow them to make comments on the event. This can be done through Instagram live, where people share their opinions, which the marketer can read and answer, if possible. Such a tactic would create a sense of belonging for the customers, and they would feel more interested in whatever is happening in a company.


Marketers cant be online 24/7, but customers may have different times where they would want to interact with a brands online assistance. A marketer can program a chatbot to answer basic questions or frequently asked questions by customers. After some time and if the chatbot is a success, it can be further programmed to answer complex questions of customers as well. This would save a marketers time and customers would feel more satisfied with the assistance that they receive.