Podcast and Vlog have gained popularity in the recent years, amongst those who like to hear about things that they are interested in, from other people, or who like to travel to places, without being physically there.


A podcast is an audio file, that users can download to their mobile devices on the internet small biz trends. People often do podcasts based on their interests, and they do a series of podcasts, like they release one episode weekly or daily. For example, if some people are interested in discussing the history of Germany and France, and they do a podcast on it, then they might release episodes each week after seeing the response they get from the audience.

A podcast has many benefits, and companies can keep in mind these benefits, if they want to know how they can use a podcast to promote their business.

Personal Information

When a brand makes a podcast to raise awareness amongst customers about their products and services, they can share their personal information with the customer. When a brand makes a podcast, they are basically having a one way communication with the customer, and there is no other better intimate way of getting a message across.

Convenience And Ease

When brands do podcast and upload them on the internet, their audience can always download it from the internet. They can listen to the podcast while they are doing house chores, or exercising, which makes it convenient for them to consume the content. A brand should focus on making the content interesting enough for the user to care about what is being said in the podcast, otherwise, the user can always switch the audio to another.

Cutting Marketing Cost

If the CEO of a company likes to talk about his products, services, or social issues with passion, then the cost of making a podcast wont be that much. Even if an employee is making a podcast, it would still be cheaper as compared to other methods of digital marketing Click Here. For example, in a podcast, there is no need for a postage stamp, printing or any sort of paper.

Portable And Technology

Through a podcast, a brand would be able to reach the devices which are portable, and are examples of modern technology. Podcast makes it possible for people to listen to what a brand wants them to hear on their smart phones, tablets, desktop or mp3 player.


Similar to blogging, a vlog is a video blog or log, which is used for the purpose of making short, medium or long videos and conveying a message to the audience. YouTube gives users a chance to express themselves, by talking about their own interests, pop culture if social issues learning times. Similarly, brands can create a vlog, to talk about the benefits of their products or services, what customers feel about them and whats unique about them. There are many benefits of creating a vlog, which brands should keep in mind.


If a company hires an already established vlogger to vlog about their products and services, then that would give the company more exposure. They would be able to reach a wider audience, would be able to advertise their companys portfolio through a different marketing channel and that will boost their website traffic as well.

More People, More Sales

When vloggers talks about a companys product with their audience, the audience listens to them, because of the established trust they have with the vlogger wpexplorer vlogs are uploaded on video websites, like YouTube, and they have a potential to reach more audience, as compared to other methods of digital marketing. Moreover, visuals have more impact on the audience, and if the vlogger is effective, then they would be able to persuade the audience to buy from the company.

Engaging With The Audience

Vloggers have the potential to engage the audience and answer their queries. For example, when they upload vlogs on YouTube, they often receive comments underneath the video, asking the vlogger different questions. The vlogger can always do another short video to answer the main questions, interacting with the audience and making them feel valuable Wikipedia.

Whether it is a podcast or a vlog, it can be used for the purpose of digital marketing. However, those who handle these things should be experts, so that they leave a positive impression on the audience.