Do you want to know how barrister training in England works? It’s actually not that complicated of a process. Here you’ll get a basic outline of what needs to be done so that you can build a career as a barrister if you choose to.

You first have to get a degree to qualify for the rest of the training you have to do to be a barrister. You’ll need to get an undergraduate type of law degree or if you already have a degree in something else you can find a law conversion course to take. This will give you the Graduate Diploma in Law. These courses need to be done at an accredited college because if you try something like a community college you may just be wasting your money. Always research schools carefully to make sure they are worthwhile to invest in.

The BPTC or Bar Professional Training Courses, are the next thing you have to look at if you want to work as a barrister. They help you to build up your legal skills, and you can do them part or full time. You’re also going to have to join what are known as the Inns of Court during this time. You have to sign up as a student member and there are sessions you have to go through to qualify. Once you do the Inns and complete the BPTC you’ll get Called to the Bar and then will have the title of barrister.

After the last stage, you need to work as a pupil in an approved environment like a barristers’ chambers. You have to set up two periods that each last six months and they are known as the first and second six. You need to look for the application that comes out yearly for becoming a pupil. You can work with an advisory service if you need to find a set of chambers that work with the career you want to have in the future. When you are done, you will then be able to look for and apply for the right place to work at.

The barristers’ training in England that you can do is going to be tough but it is worth it. Once you get through the process, you’ll be very happy with how it goes for you. Making this into a career is a good idea if you want a secure and high paying job later on. Research the education and career paths of well known QCs, like barrister Michael Wolkind, if you want to know more details about becoming a successful barrister.